About: The Writer. The Person

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Lianne was born and raised in North Wales by her single parent mother. As

the eldest of five children, she knows the hardship of being last in the bath on

bath night and the delights of corporation pop and sandwich paste butties. 

Growing up on a council estate saw her embrace the calamity of a working

class upbringing, which armed her with the wit, passion and grittiness that she

brings to her writing. She writes with a strong working class voice that proudly

resonates with audiences because of its astute emotional intelligence and a moving

authenticity that people cannot help but connect with. Lianne is currently working on a compelling memoir called Shaping the Cloth: Every Cut, Every Stitch

There is no real distinction between Lianne Futia the person and Lianne Futia, the writer; her writing is her, her deeply emotional reactions to life and she is her writing.

As well as being a writer and spoken word artist, Lianne is a qualified post

compulsory English teacher and she is currently studying an MA in Writing at

Liverpool John Moore's University. But before any of that, Lianne is a mum. As a mother of four children, ranging from stroppy teen to tantrum throwing five year old, her experiences feature vividly in her work with a brutal honesty about the moments of triumph and disaster in being mum (and she is confident that there is always far more of the latter). Her honesty about motherhood gives hope to mothers everywhere that they’re not the only ones who have thought about running away at least a hundred times before breakfast. Lianne is currently working on a vibrant collection of contemporary, rhythmic poetry about pregnancy, motherhood, relationships after children and losing yourself in the madness of motherhood. It is raw, funny and often heart wrenching. It is impossible not to relate to the emotions it conveys...


Lianne writes evocative traditional poetry laced with imagery and the ability to transport the senses, but she truly comes into her own when performing her almost lyrical, rhythmic spoken word poetry where her frank realism and often dark humour cuts to the core, emotionally shocks and inspires empowerment in equal measures. Since starting her spoken word journey Lianne has gathered a following of people after her many appearances at Voicebox - Spoken Word where she has performed alongside other poets such as Sabrina Benhaim, Rudy Francisco and the former Young People's Poet Laureate for Wales 2013-2016, Martin Daws.  To watch some of Lianne's performances, some of which have topped 6K views on social media, click here...

Lianne was recently interviewed by Wombwell Rainbow Interviews where she discussed her reasons and motivations for writing, her influences and her work ethics. To read the interview in full find the button link on the Bookings/Contact page, but not until you've looked at all the wonderful upcoming                and              on Lianne's web page.