Coming Soon ...

Lianne is currently working on two different projects alongside her spoken word writing and performing.


The first project is a collection of memoirs interlaced with rhythmic, contemporary poetry. It follows her working-class life that could be describe as being like every episode of ‘Jeremy Kyle’ squished into one, but with a happy ending and a main female character who emerges strong, determined and accepting of her past, and full of ambition to make a career in writing, all without the need for a lie detector or therapy. It is a story of hope after pain and an example of inspirational resilience to rise from the dirt that life sometimes throws at us. It is heartfelt, raw, unapologetically honest, and above all authentic. It has enough wit and humour to make the reader cry tears of laughter in equal measure to tears of empathy. It is called: -

                                                                Shaping the Cloth: Memoirs of the Madness that Made Me.

The second project that Lianne is working on is a collection of contemporary poetry about the stark realities of pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood and relationships after children. It delves into the loss of self that can accompany motherhood and the notion of finding a way through. Again, as in all of Lianne's work, it is honest, raw, emotionally charged, thought provoking and will be written in Lianne's distinct rhythmic tones. The collection will touch on notions of loss of self, loss of love, loss of passion, but the birth of a new life, a new identity, the discovery of new love. The title of this project is A Mother was Born.  

The progress of both titles will be updated soon and in the meantime you can connect with and/or follow Lianne on social media using the links below to keep up to date with her performances and projects. Or subscribe to Lianne's monthly (ish) newsletters using the link on the