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Lianne can often be found on stage where she comes to life and performs like there is no other place for her in this world. For Lianne it's not just about how the words sit on the page to be read, but about how they sound as they penetrate the air in a room full of people having left an impression on the hearts and minds of those they pass through. Lianne has a captivating way of holding the audiences' attention with her clear, haunting tone of voice and her rhythmic word play. If you would like to book Lianne to perform at your event/venue, get it touch. Lianne can tailor her writing/performance to suit the theme of the event/venue if desired and though she often writes about taboo subjects she is able to make her performances family friendly too.

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Lianne is also available to run workshops. As a qualified teacher she is well aware of how such events can help boost confidence and encourage communication. Her workshops can be made suitable for any age group and can be designed to suit specific needs in terms of themes/topics, or desirable learning objectives, if desired.

Lianne's workshops are vibrant, engaging and offer an opportunity for those involved to get creative and find a voice and new ways to express themselves through words. These workshops are suitable for a wide variety of groups, from school children to corporate team building events and everything in between.

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To book Lianne to perform or run a workshop use the email address/link below to make further enquiries. 

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